Meraki was founded in 2006 in San Francisco with a mission to simplify enterprise networking through the cloud. In 2012, Meraki was acquired by Cisco Systems and now operates as a subsidiary focused on cloud-controlled WiFi, routing and security solutions.

Meraki provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-managed networking solutions including wireless access points, switches, security appliances like firewalls, and phones and cameras. The key advantage of Meraki’s solutions is that they are centrally managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard interface.

By delivering deep visibility and control, Meraki makes network management profoundly simple. The Meraki cloud architecture allows organizations to scale networks as required while delivering visibility, monitoring and troubleshooting across distributed sites and devices.

Meraki - The Business Partner

Benefits of Meraki Cloud-Managed Networking

There are several key benefits to Meraki’s cloud-managed networking solutions:

  • Easy to deploy – Meraki devices can be simply shipped to remote sites and plugged in. Configuration and management is handled through the Meraki cloud using a web browser.
  • Real-time visibility and control – The centralized dashboard allows IT teams to closely monitor and manage distributed networks in real-time. Alerts and troubleshooting functions also simplify managing the network.
  • Automatic monitoring, updates and security – The Meraki cloud automatically monitors and updates devices while keeping the network safe with integrated security functions.
  • Scalable – Adding new devices, sites and users is a seamless process with Meraki cloud management. The architecture supports networks scaling to thousands of sites and tens of thousands of devices.

By delivering solutions through the cloud, Meraki enables organizations to reduce IT complexity and focus more on core business goals.

Meraki Product Lines

The Meraki portfolio includes wireless, switching, security and communications product lines, all managed via the cloud:

  • Wireless access points – Provide high speed WiFi connectivity using 802.11ac Wave 2 standard. Can scale to thousands of AP’s managed via cloud dashboard.
  • Switches – Range includes layer 2 access switches, layer 3 aggregation switches and stackable switches to connect multiple devices across wired networks.
  • Security appliances – Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) provide integrated threat protection, web filtering, VPN access and more. Unified Threat Management (UTM) options available for simpler security needs.
  • Phones & cameras – VoIP phones and surveillance cameras integrate with other Meraki products and can be managed via the cloud dashboard.

How TSP Can Help Implement Meraki Solutions

With deep expertise in Meraki solutions, TSP in Qatar is well positioned to deliver innovative cloud-managed networks using Meraki.

Our end-to-end services include:

  • Consulting & assessments – We determine technical requirements, bandwidth needs and business goals to create customized networking solutions.
  • Design & deployment – Our engineers design and deploy Meraki networks including components like wireless AP’s, switches, phones and security appliances.
  • 24/7 monitoring – We proactively monitor network performance around the clock and troubleshoot issues.
  • Management – We help manage and administer Meraki networks through the cloud on an ongoing basis.
  • Scaling – As needs grow, we seamlessly scale Meraki networks while maintaining performance and visibility.

With Technology solution Provider as the best Meraki partner in Qatar, organizations can leverage our expertise to transform their networks. Contact us to learn more about cloud-managed Meraki solutions.


Meraki’s cloud-based approach simplifies deploying, monitoring and managing distributed enterprise networks. By partnering with Meraki, Technology solution provider can deliver innovative networking solutions to help organizations in Qatar modernize their connectivity platforms.

To learn more about how a Meraki solution provider in Qatar can meet your networking goals with affordable and scalable cloud-controlled options, contact TSP today. We are ready to consult and deliver customized networks using Meraki’s cloud-managed wireless, switching, security and communications product lines.

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